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Make Mosaic How-To
Lesson of the Month
Unlike painters, the
mosaic artist's color
palette is highly
Learn to deal with
this constraint.
Learn how contrast
affects the way our
eyes see colors.
Learn why color is
equally important to
your glass mosaic tile
art as andamento.
Learn much more!
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Chapter 6
Color and Contrast
Backgrounds and
borders are just as
essential to your
mosaic art as the
primary focus.
Learn to avoid
overpowering your
mosaic with the
Learn how borders
enhance the overall
look of your glass
mosaic tile art and
how they can also be
Learn much more!
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Chapter 7
Backgrounds and
Table of Contents
See what's packed in
my mosaic art ebook.
Let me teach you all
the details and
valuable tidbits that
you need to know to
make beautiful glass
mosaic tile art.
I'd like to introduce you to my passion.  I love working with glass mosaic tile.  I'm eager to share my work with you so
please visit my gallery, which features mosaic tile and glass mosaic art that adds beauty and warmth to our home.  You're
welcome to use my work as inspiration for your own ideas, mosaic designs, and mosaic patterns.  Enjoy!

If you have questions about my techniques, please don't hesitate to contact me.  My goal is to share with you the fun and
excitement of how to make glass mosaic tile art and mosaic tables, and to inspire you to make your own mosaic
masterpieces.  As you browse my mosaic art gallery, you may think, "I wish I could do that."  You can!  It's easy, fun, and
you don't even have to be artsy.  Let me show you how.

Most mosaic books and websites don't adequately teach you how to make mosaic tables or glass mosaic tile art.  They
typically don't provide the nitty-gritty details, tips and secrets, and lessons-learned that allow you to start from scratch
with raw mosaic materials and finish with a mosaic masterpiece.  
Have you ever read a mosaic book or website and
thought, "Okay, so now what?" or "How in the world am I supposed to do that?" or "What does that mean?"
not alone.  To solve this dilemma, I wrote an ebook,
Mosaic Pieces: Essentials for Beginner and Professional Mosaic Artists.  It
gives you step-by-step "mosaic how to" details for making your own glass mosaic tile art masterpieces.  It's jam-packed
with photographs and illustrations that make the process very easy to understand.  This ebook details all aspects of how
to make mosaic art, from choosing the right base material, adhesive, and tessera type for your project; to selecting the
mosaic design; to drawing the mosaic pattern; and to hanging the finished masterpiece on the wall (which can be quite
tricky because of the heavy weight).

I fell in love with glass mosaic tile art many years ago and my passion today is just as deep.  It's so satisfying to see my
own work in our home and knowing it will pass to generations.  You, too, can make a legacy for your children and
grandchildren.  Read my ebook and discover how easy it is to make wonderful glass mosaic tile art and mosaic tables that
you and your family will enjoy forever.  
With my help, you can do it.  You can!

This ebook gives you all the step-by-step information you need to make your own glass mosaic tile masterpieces.  You
may think,
"Why would anyone pay good money for a mosaic how-to ebook when hundreds of Internet websites
provide lots of free information?"
 Two simple reasons: 1) Websites typically don't explain the necessary details for you
to fully understand the art and enable you to compose truly wonderful works, and 2) Many mosaic-related websites
provide information that's unclear, incomplete, and flat-out wrong.

What about other mosaic books?  How is my ebook different?  I've read many and found that most simplistically describe
the art and offer irrelevant information that doesn't help the novice mosaic artist.  They briefly explain the basics in terms
of what to do, but few effectively explain how or why.  
That's where this ebook is different.  It takes you on an exciting
journey into the
how and why of creating glass mosaic tile art and mosaic tables.  Other books typically describe
fundamentals but fail to define the details that allow you to become a truly knowledgeable mosaic artist.  Knowing the
details separates wannabes who make gee-that's-nice work from artists who make wow-that's-incredible masterpieces.

For example, books and websites typically give basic instruction for scoring and breaking stained glass.  However, few
explain how and why glass breaks along the score line.  Fully understanding the
how and why allows the artist to more
precisely break glass resulting in cleaner and straighter cuts, which can enhance the look of the final mosaic.  It can also
help reduce wasted glass from bad breaks.  This ebook explains those kinds of details in easy-to-understand terms that
the mosaic artist needs.

You'll learn lots of mosaic how-to information essential for making beautiful glass mosaic tile art and mosaic tables.  This
ebook focuses on wall-hanging art, but the principles apply to other types, such as mosaic tables, mirror frames, stepping
stones, and flower pots.  You'll learn all the nitty-gritty details that I've absorbed throughout my long experience as a
glass mosaic tile artist.  
You'll learn from my mistakes so you won't make them.

This ebook guides you through each process using illustrated, easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.
It's almost as if I'm in your workshop working side-by-side with you every step of the way.  If you think you have no
artistic flair and can't even legibly write your own name, think again.  You'll learn to easily make a mosaic design, draw the
mosaic pattern, and then skillfully fill it with pieces of mosaic glass.  It's fun, it's easy, and you can do it.  Yes, you can!

Please read the two
free sample chapters: Chapter 6 - Color and Contrast, and Chapter 7 - Backgrounds and Borders.  
Learn how color influences what our eyes see so you can choose the glass and grout colors that help create your desired
look.  Learn how to use backgrounds and borders to enhance your mosaic's mood.  
Read the entire ebook to learn all
the details you need to know to make your very first project a wonderful success.
 Remember, you can do it!  Don't be
afraid and don't think you're not talented enough.  Making glass mosaic tile art is easy!  Let me show you just how easy it

Read and learn from the ebook.  Then, find an online mosaic glass tile supplier that you like and buy the tools and
materials as described in the ebook.  Before you know it, you'll be hanging your first mosaic masterpiece in your kitchen.  
Soon after that, you might be showcasing your mosaics on your own website.  And maybe someday, I'll browse a
celebrated art museum and find myself admiring your glass mosaic tile work.  You never know.

Please take a moment to browse the ebook's
table of contents.  You'll see that every aspect of mosaic designing,
creating, finishing, and hanging your glass mosaic tile art masterpiece is covered in detail.
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glass mosaic tile art
glass mosaic tile art
Making glass
mosaic tile art
is fun and easy.
You can do it!

Let me show
you how!
Welcome to my online glass mosaic tile art studio & "make mosaic how-to."
I hope you enjoy your visit.
Copyright © 2008-2013 by William J. Enslen, Jr.  All rights reserved.
Any use - including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, or display - of the content (text and illustrations) is strictly prohibited.
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Remember, making beautiful glass mosaic tile art and mosaic tables is easy.
Don't think you're not talented enough.  You can do it.  Yes, you can!  Let me show you how.
My ebook teaches you all the mosaic how-to details that other books and websites don't.
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Bill Enslen, Glass Mosaic Tile Art
Bill Enslen, Glass Mosaic Tile Art
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How do you sign your indoor glass mosaics and mosaic tables so the signature won't rub or wear off?  Nothing seems to stick permanently to glass.  Click here to see a
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