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Glass Mosaic Tile Art: Hanging Your Heavy Mosaic Masterpiece

You’re eager to hang your first mosaic masterpiece and you feel like your favorite hobby store is taking forever to finish the frame.  Finally, the store calls and tells you it’s
ready to pick up.  My goodness!  They did a fantastic job.  The new frame makes the mosaic look twice as nice!  You can't wait to hang it on the wall and show the world how
beautiful it is.

You perceive a problem.  Oh, no.  It feels like it weighs two tons and you’re nervous about whether an 8-penny nail in drywall will hold all that weight.  You decide the nail
must go into a wall stud (wise choice).  The last thing you want is your heavy masterpiece crashing down and popping off pieces of glass or cracking the brand new (and
expensive) custom frame.  You find just the right spot to hang the mosaic and poke around hoping to find a stud somewhere close to that spot.  Good grief.  The closest stud
is seven inches to the right.  If you put the nail in that stud, the mosaic won’t be centered on the wall.  It'll look terrible there, all out of alignment.  Good grief, now what?  
Calm down.  This is an easy fix--and fun.  In my ebook, we walk step-by-step through the process of building a solid support system in the wall that’s strong enough to hold
your heavy mosaic.  This isn’t rocket science so don’t panic.  As my saying goes, "You can do it.  Yes, you can!"

If your mosaic is 24" x 24" or greater, it’s going to be heavy.  For example, one of my pieces is only 28” x 30” but it weighs 24-pounds.  You must always be safety conscious
and never create a safety hazard.  You must always ensure the support system (i.e., what you hang your mosaic on) is strong enough to hold the load of your heavy

Some people don’t even hang their mosaic art because they don’t want to risk it falling off the wall and hurting someone or damaging the piece.  They sometimes use free-
standing easels made of heavy wood that are low to the floor and well-balanced to minimize the tipping risk.  Usually, such easels are used in art galleries, but some people
use them in their homes.  I’d rather see my mosaics hanging on the wall.  In my humble opinion, they look better and make the home feel cozier.  Besides, who has space for
free-standing easels all over the house?

The support system's complexity depends on several factors, such as the mosaic’s weight, the location of the lag bolt with respect to a wall stud, and safety concerns.  For
example, if you find that the lag-bolt location is barely to the side of a wall stud, you probably don't need a complex support system like the one we install in the ebook.  
Instead, a small piece of 2x4 attached to the side of the stud may be sufficient.

The support system we install in the ebook is probably the most complex one you’ll ever need for a hanging mosaic.  Once you learn that method, you should be able to
make any simpler support system adequate to support your mosaic.  This is easy--and fun!  You can do it.  The ebook walks you through each step as if I’m there in your
living room with you.  Don’t worry about cutting a big hole in your drywall.  You’ll learn how easy it is to measure, cut the drywall, install a 2x4 support system to the existing
studs, replace the drywall, patch it, and paint it like a pro.
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Remember, creating beautiful glass mosaic tile art is easy.  You can do it!
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